Coffee: Good or bad? The great debate

I’ve always wondered if those one or two cups of coffee that I like to enjoy on occasion, or every day, is actually beneficial or not. I have heard rumors of coffee being good for your memory, good for your colon, and for other things. I also know that caffeine is addictive and to quit caffeine causes pretty bad headaches. So I decided to do some research, is coffee good for you or not?

Is Coffee Bad Or Good For Your Health? The Great Debate

So after you vote, depending on which expert you think sounds the best, basically Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald who is a Doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, Nutritionist, and an author argues that coffee is healthy for people and Mark Hyman, a practicing physician argues that coffee is not healthy for people.

After reading the two sides of the debate, I agree with both sides, and I think if coffee is drank in moderation (only a cup or two a day) that it can be beneficial to your health. I do agree that coffee is addictive and over time more coffee can be needed to get a bigger pick-me-up. I only drink one cup of coffee in the morning mostly because I love the taste of coffee. I will skip the coffee on weekends when I sleep in, and sometimes on a weekday if I don’t feel like it. I don’t notice a big difference when I drink it vs when I don’t drink it. I always get sleepy after lunch, right around 1PM, so sometimes will drink a second cup of coffee, but usually I either don’t have time to make the coffee, or don’t want to drink coffee so late in the day so I end up skipping that as well. I read somewhere that coffee is best consumed before 2PM if you wish to sleep well that night, so I try to stick to that idea.

What do you think? Good or bad?

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