Crazy Sexy Cancer

I’m off work this week, so today I went grocery shopping at Mariano’s, then when I returned home I watched the documentary called Crazy Sexy Cancer by Kris Carr, who at age 31 is diagnosed with cancer and is told that she has 24 tumors spread out in her liver and lungs. The doctors tell her that no amount or type of chemotherapy or radiation will help her, and that she will be lucky to survive another 10 years. With this gruesome news, she turns to alternative therapies and healing to try and combat her cancer. The documentary shows her journey, and in the end she gets the tumors to stop growing and become dormant. She must be doing something right, it’s been 10 years since her diagnosis and she’s still around, happy and healthy! She has her own blog in which she posts about how cancer changed her life for the brighter and better. This chick is amazing! I give her mad props and I can only hope that I can be half of who she is.


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