Hungry for Change

Just finished watching another documentary called Hungry For Change which is from the makers of Food Matters, both are about eating a plant-based diet and how Americans eat poorly: processed foods and tons of sugar and refined carbs. Yuck. Of course, Hungry For Change starred people like Kris Carr and Joe Cross, who did their own documentaries. Hungry For Change also featured a woman named Evita Ramparte who is a health journalist who back in the year 2000 healed herself of ovarian cancer naturally. This woman, among the other wonderful people on the documentary, have once again inspired me to continue with my plant-based diet and exercise regularly. They inspire me to be healthy. I mean, if they can CURE CANCER just by simply eating the right foods, I can at least eat just as healthy and hopefully prevent cancer from ever happening to me. On a somewhat related note, #My600lbLife is on TLC right now, and that is just adding more fuel to the fire. What inspires you to eat healthy and exercise regularly?

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