Missed Kung Fu tonight

Instead of Kung Fu, I did another Insanity workout, this one was called Cardio Power & Resistance. Insanity is named insanity for a reason, Shaun T is INSANE. I can barely keep up with this guy! Feeling good though, and he is a pretty decent motivator throughout his workouts. Makes me miss Kung Fu, though. I definitely prefer martial arts over crazy high intensity interval training. 🙂

Now I’m watching yet another documentary called Killer at Large (Sorry, I love me some interesting, health-conscious documentaries). This documentary is about America and how obesity is our greatest threat. It’s interesting in that it covers many different topics, but it is kind of scary since it shows how it’s easier, and cheaper, to eat poorly in America, instead of eating healthy. Junk food is cheaper than salad, sad but true. And this, my friends, is why I am poor, I am always buying fresh produce to eat, and I can’t just go to a fast food joint when I’m hungry. The closest thing to fast food that I eat is the Subway Veggie sandwich, with no cheese or meat or dairy of any sort, just a ton of veggies and some hot peppers and balsamic vinaigrette. Mmmm. Time for me to make dinner: tonight I am trying a Turkey-less stuffed roast from Trader Joes with a side of veggies. Sounds yummy, but I have never tried a turkey-less roast from TJ’s so we will see how it goes. 🙂

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