Kung Fu: learning how to jump

In Kung Fu last night, I learned more on my Eagle Claw Form: Small Cotton Fist Form. I’m actually only learning the bow to the form, so far, but the bow itself is pretty extensive and contains 5 or 6 kicks in it. I learned the first two kicks last night, where you have to kick, and then jump-kick with your other leg. With both kicks you have to kick your hands, which are out in front of you. This is pretty hard for me, I am not very good at jumping, especially jumping high and getting my legs up in the air. It is a mixture of fear, along with not strong enough legs, that hinders my ability to kick and jump high. Also, I am not very flexible, and this doesn’t help either. I am glad and excited to be learning this bow, though, since it is providing me with reason to work on my jumping and kicking high. One day I hope to be able to kick and jump crazy high with ease and I hope my fears disappear as I progress in Kung Fu. Once I get better at kicking, especially tornado kicks, I will be testing for my third Kung Fu belt, the Green-Red belt. I currently have the Green-Gold belt, which means I’m in the beginner’s class still, but with the next sash I will be in the advanced class with Vince, he tested back in January for his Green-Red sash and passed.

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