Mega-Vitamin C Therapy

For those who may not know, my mom has been battling breast cancer since Spring of 2008. In 2008, she underwent surgery to remove her right breast and about 16 to 18 lymph nodes from her armpit that may or may not have been cancerous (apparently they neglected to test any of them and took as many as they could instead). Since they removed so many lymph nodes, my mom has been battling lymphedema the past 5 years, and has recently found out that she has small, slow growing tumors in her armpit, where her lymph nodes used to be. Now, my mom from the beginning has been refusing any chemotherapy or radiation, for quite a few good reasons. Everyone she’s known, especially family members, who have undergone radiation and/or chemotherapy (especially chemo) have eventually just gotten so sick from the chemo and died. My mom’s cousin who underwent chemo to “cure” her cancer actually regretted doing any chemo, as it only made her sicker and die sooner. Basically, my mom’s genes aren’t built for chemo. My mom also watched her own mom die while on chemo.

Another reason my mom doesn’t want to do chemo is because my mom has always had a lowered immune system. My mom has a history of quite a few health problems that have led her immune system to not be very good. That, however, is changing with a change in her diet.

So through my mom’s journey, she has been researching and trying alternative therapies, including but not limited to: acupuncture, qi gong, meditation, vegetarian (almost vegan) diet change, and juicing. Recently we have learned about mega-dosing vitamin C and how that can help heal cancers of all types. We first heard of the idea from a veterinarian I used to work for, who knows it works since she’s seen it work in dogs and cats, even. She is a holistic veterinarian who also does Chinese herbs and acupuncture for cats and dogs. Very cool.

My mom is going to find a doctor who will administer vitamin C in high doses, via IV, to see if it helps her. Of course, her oncologist won’t do it since it’s not “proven” to be successful, but instead she should do chemo and radiation… sure because those are way more effective. Decide for yourself:

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