A normal day, in the life of Jen

I’ve been wanting to write about what I normally eat on a regular day since I feel like I’ve been eating pretty healthy with a few times a week not eating super healthy but definitely better than I ever have in my life. Recently I’ve also been trying to eat a few healthy snacks a day, just spread out in order to keep my metabolism running smoothly. Below is an example of what I eat during the day.
I wake up every day and try to drink between one and two cups of water before I leave for work. I started at one cup and have been trying to slowly drink more every morning, this morning I drank a cup and a half of water before leaving for work, which is usually about an hour after I wake up. Throughout the day I try to drink at least a total of 10 cups of water a day, with this number increasing on the days I work out since I tend to drink more when I work out. I also eat breakfast, which usually consists of kashi organic autumn wheat or cinnamon harvest cereal and almond milk. I’ve been considering cutting out cereal though so sometimes I’ll have a banana and an apple instead. I do love almond milk though so I’d drink it by the glass if needed. 🙂

If breakfast isn’t filling enough and I can’t wait until lunch, I’ll eat an orange or banana or apple at work a few hours later. This usually doesn’t happen but today it did so I ate a cara cara orange and a banana before going to lunch. Lunch is usually around noon or 12:30 and is usually the biggest meal of my day. Lunch usually consists of a big salad full of carrots, cherry or grape tomatoes, spinach, kale, celery, chia seeds, and whatever else I may have on hand. I’ve thrown in pecans, apple slices, blueberries, and other yummy stuff depending if it’s in season or not. The dressing is usually something organic and simple like balsamic vinaigrette or red wine and vinegar. Along with my salad, I’ll have a banana, an orange, some clementines, and an apple. Depending on the season this may change to include raspberries, grapes, blueberries, pears, and other yummy fruits. Most of the fruit I buy is organic, with a few exceptions like when I can’t afford it, or if I can’t find the certain fruit in the organic section. If I do buy non-organic, I make sure it is conventionally grown and not a GMO. You can tell by the code on the label. When I don’t feel like eating a salad for lunch, I will bring frozen vegetables, I like the steam packs from Green Giant, some of the veggie packs are in some olive oil and spices and it’s delicious! Some are in butter though, or margarine, and I try to avoid those. After lunch, I usually drink my one cup of coffee for the day with some soy or coconut or rice milk.

Whatever fruits I don’t eat, I will eat later on in the afternoon as a snack. I also like to snack on unsalted almonds or cashews. Sometimes I will bring other yummy snacks such as a vegan granola bar or belvita, which are these vegan breakfast bars. After work, I usually go home and change for Kung Fu, which is at 7PM. I will usually eat a snack before Kung Fu, either some fruit or almonds or something like that. After Kung Fu, I will come home and start cooking dinner, or order food if I am feeling extra lazy. Lately I have been trying new recipes that call for a variety of veggies and other yummy stuff. Sometimes I will cook up some Boca Organic Vegan Chik’n Burgers on whole wheat, gluten-free organic hamburger buns. Throwing on some delicious organic spinach or kale, along with my favorite hibachi hot sauce, these burgers are delicious. I am trying to avoid soy, though, so the frequency of these meals has dwindled significantly. There are some delicious frozen meals from Trader Joe’s that Vince and I enjoy. Sometimes we will make rice and stir-fried veggies, or veggie spring rolls. Another yummy thing that I like is this spicy italian pasta that is frozen and super quick to heat up and enjoy. It’s vegan and delicious!

Usually after dinner, since it’s so late (around 9 or 10) and I’m full, I won’t eat anything else. Sometimes I do enjoy a scoop or two of almond or coconut milk ice cream, yum. Also, usually after Kung Fu, especially when I am there for an hour and a half or two hours, I will eat a protein bar. Clif Bars make this delicious vegan protein bar that is chocolate mint flavor and 20 grams of protein. They’re called Clif Builders. There are also these raw, organic, vegan, and gluten free bars that are called Pure, but the protein count is lower, like 6 or 7 grams of protein. I am looking for the best bar out there, I want it to be raw, organic, vegan and high in protein. Not sure if it exists, but I will continue looking until I find one. 🙂

With this diet, I have noticed that I have more energy, have bowel movements way more regularly than ever before in my life (I used to go DAYS without them, especially whenever I travelled), and all around feel better. I do cheat sometimes, and eat some chocolate or a donut or something like that, but I just continue on and try my best. I also try to drink water or eat fruit or veggies before I go reaching for sweets or anything like that. 🙂  What do you do to eat better?

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