A few days ago, Vince and I booked our honeymoon. After weeks of doing extensive and time-consuming research, and reading well over a hundred different reviews, we decided to go to Couples Tower Isle in Jamaica for the week after our wedding. We will be leaving the Monday after the wedding, and returning the following Monday. This allows for time on Sunday to catch brunch and hang with family after the wedding. There were a few things we were looking for in our honeymoon: it had to be all-inclusive, on a beach, and in the Caribbean. We were looking for a place with good reviews, and where the price was rather inexpensive. We were also looking for a hotel that had a lot of restaurants and food options (alcohol options too but food is more important to me than alcohol options). What I was mostly interested in was there being vegetarian and vegan options, and with the Tower Isles, we were surprised to find that they go above and beyond, and they even have a veggie bar with fresh fruit and veggie juices! Yum! Lots of healthy food for the pickin’ which is great. Also, as an added bonus, the all-inclusive hotel includes a sunset cruise, snorkeling, scuba diving, and a Dunn River Falls trip, which when I mentioned to my parents, my dad said we did that same Dunn River’s Fall way back in the day when we were on a Carnival cruise back in 1999. I don’t fully remember that, but I will just have to refresh my memory in October when we go to Jamaica. 🙂

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