Mom Inspiration

Happy mothers day to all the wonderful moms out there! I wanted to write a special post for my own wonderful mom, who has completely changed her life to try and beat this awful disease that’s inside her- cancer. My mom has become such an inspiration for me, ever since she has decided to eat healthy and do everything she can to get rid of this stupid cancer that’s in her. She has inspired me to eat even healthier than I have been. About a year and a few months ago, I decided to cut WAY BACK on meat and dairy, and eat WAY MORE veggies and fruits (whole foods). Ever since my mom has started her treatments and only eating RAW veggies and whole foods, I have been trying to eat more and more RAW veggies and fruits. My mom isn’t allowed to eat fruit even since sugar feeds tumors, so my mom can only eat raw veggies, including at least 10 cloves of garlic a day. As anyone who knows me, I am pretty much addicted to bananas, and I tend to LOVE organic apples, organic oranges, and pretty much every other fruit I can get my hands on. So I’ve still been eating fruit, but I have been trying to eat more raw veggies, like salads and the like. Thanks to my awesome, strong, and powerful mom who is powering through, eating tons of garlic, avocado, kale, cucumber, raw asparagus, broccoli, peppers, carrots, tomatoes onions, and the list goes on….. she has made me want to do the same! This may sound crazy, but her huge salads with no dressing look delicious! (she mashes up the garlic and avocado to make a dressing, and she uses a tiny bit of olive oil & vinegar for dressing sometimes).  Most people would likely turn up their noses, but this food is so yummy and enriched in nutritious good stuff, you can’t go wrong. Over time, you begin to crave it because it is just so damn satisfying.  🙂

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