Kung Fu Red Sash Test Training

Last week I received my red sash test sheet. The red test is known for testing one’s endurance, it requires you to perform almost everything you know thus far, including 30 of each kick, all push-ups, 2 minutes horse stance with bowls, and almost all the forms you know. The test is one of the hardest out of the tests, it is the 4th test but I have heard the 5th test isn’t as hard just because you don’t have to do any kicks (but trust me, it isn’t easy- you have to do the splits on both sides). To train for the red sash test, it is recommended to start running in addition to the kung fu training. Of course, it is frequently either in negative degrees or snowing for the past few weeks, and I don’t have a gym membership nor a treadmill so my running options are nill at the moment but I do plan on joining the Niles park district fitness center once Vince and I move to Niles on March 1st. We are closing on a house that has 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms with a finished basement. It’s a great home and even has a two car garage. We’re very excited to be moving into our own home and to have a lot more space for both ourselves and our fur babies. The house is conveniently located across the street from the Niles Family Fitness Center which is one of the best fitness centers around and it’s very affordable for Niles residents. 🙂 I can’t wait to get my workout on at the gym, in addition to my kung fu practicing (which I usually do 4 times a week).

Anyone want to go running with me when it gets warmer? The nice thing about the Niles fitness center is that they have a track, which I prefer over the treadmill. Treadmills tend to make me dizzy, although I know they are better since they force you to go a certain speed. I also plan on changing it up by doing the elliptical and maybe even some weight lifting. I know the red test is one of the hardest, and most people groan when they think of it, even after they’ve passed a few tests since that one, but I am looking forward to training for it and hoping to be able to perform my best for it. I’m not looking for perfect score this time, I’m just looking to make a few jaws drop. 😉

Red looks good on you, betch.

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