Kung Fu and Jogging

I have noticed that Kung Fu has helped my jogging and my jogging has helped my Kung Fu over the past few months. I started jogging last spring/summer, then took the winter off like most lazy people, and now I’ve started jogging again. I plan on continuing jogging no matter the weather since now I am a part of a gym that has an indoor track. Despite all the improvements in both jogging and kung fu, whenever I do them at the same time (i.e. run a mile or two then do all of my forms, 40 of each kick and push ups) I feel like this…

This feeling has gotten better, and by that I mean that I am able to do my kicks without passing out half way through…. but it’s still hard. Like heavy breathing I need to constantly focus on controlling my breathing so I don’t hyperventilate hard. I guess the good news is that it makes sense that running helps kung fu and vice versa. One of the 25 golden rules of running is to not just run:

“Cross-training and weight training will make you a stronger and healthier runner,” says TriEndurance.com multisport coach Kris Swarthout. “Low- and nonimpact sports like biking and swimming will help build supporting muscles used in running, while also giving your primary running muscles a rest.”

I signed up for this virtual Boston 10K run to help out the Boston marathoners. I will be running 6 miles for the first time in my life with my coworkers who also signed up for this. I’m excited to see how it goes and if I can hold a solid 10 to 11 minute mile for 6 miles. 🙂

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