Kung fu training continued

Starting today I will be working either 9am to 5pm or 9am to 6pm for 18 days in a row. Somewhere in there I have one of the hardest kung fu tests of my life to complete (ok it’s scheduled for June 6th unless something goes wrong). I passed my private but have a few things to work on before next Friday night. I’m not only worried about the test but also about how I’m going to survive the next few weeks working everyday and working out as much as I can in preparation for this red sash test. Needless to say I will be taking a small break from kung fu after the test, but do plan on continuing to jog after my test since jogging is actually becoming more enjoyable now that I’m doing it consistently (3 to 4 times a week). Yay jogging?!?! Sadly I still don’t like it but I like it more now that I’m not always sore after running a few miles. Anyways if you don’t hear from me in the next few weeks it’s only because I’m working/training for a new job and best part is I’m getting paid for 19 days in a row despite only working 18 of those days. Big money, baller status. 🙂

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