Female problems

I wasn’t sure whether I should name this blog post female problems or kung fu struggles. The more I thought of my life, the more I realized it comes down to me not only being female, but also a married female who wishes to start having babies within the next few years. I am 27 years old (almost 28, happy birthday to me?) and I am trying to finally get a real job where hopefully I will make real money. I’ve been applying to 2-4 jobs every day since May and have only received rejection emails and recruiters calling me for customer service/sales jobs of which I have no interest in. Until I get a real job making decent money, I have to tutor ACT on the side just to help pay the bills since my day job doesn’t pay me enough to afford things such as food, gas, mortgage, kung fu, etc. And that is where kung fu comes in. 

I can’t devote as much time to kung fu as Vince can since I have to work so often just to try and make enough money to pay the bills. Instead of kung fu, I find myself working out in other ways (running, bike riding, etc) because these are things that I can do near my house and only take 30-60 minutes versus driving to kung fu, doing class, then driving home (usually a 2 to 3 hour ordeal). Since I now have to use my weekday nights and weekends tutoring students, it makes a lot more sense for me to go running for 30 to 45 minutes rather than spending over two hours going to kung fu class. This, of course, makes me very sad. I love kung fu, and I only want to learn more and more and continue my studies as much as I can. I try my best to go to class 2-3 times a week, and honestly I feel like it isn’t enough. Back when we were a lot closer to the school, I would go 4 times a week on average and I loved it. There were some weeks I went 6 times (technically you could go every day if you wanted to). I can’t physically or financially do that now. Even gas money alone adds up (driving there and back is about 20 miles), not to mention the time needed.

All of this brings me to where I am at now. I can’t afford to be in the teacher’s program. It meets every Saturday morning, religiously, and I need that time to tutor students. Not only that, but the teacher’s program costs extra (trust me, Vince and I usually spend an extra $100 a month due to his teacher program, which is fine just adds up quickly). I can’t justify 1. taking away time from tutoring and 2. paying even more money which we don’t have for kung fu and so I told Sifu that I wasn’t interested in the teacher’s program. I also want to have babies within the next few years (as I’ve mentioned before) and once there’s kids involved the chances of me actually being able to attend kung fu more than once or twice a week are very very small. Also who would want to babysit for a few hours around 8am every Saturday? Just saying.

I guess my point is, because I am female and because I don’t make enough $, I can’t do the teacher’s program in kung fu. The worse part is that I am not allowed to see any black belt tests (we have two this summer). I was really looking forward to seeing one if not both of the black belt tests, but instead I get to sit at home and imagine what the test would be like. If only I was making enough money to actually invest in myself instead of just trying to pay my bills. Here’s to hoping that one of these tons of jobs I’m applying to actually call me for an interview one of these days soon. Then, maybe I can consider working slightly less hours and trying to do slightly more kung fu. 🙂

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