New running shoes

So after the second time running 7 miles, my left knee hurt for about a day or two. I took the week off of running but then ran the big ten 10k. My knee hurt for a few days after that and it was way worse. I figured out it was my IT band since it was the outside of the knee and I could feel it go up my leg to my hip. I did some acupuncture and went to fleet feet to get new shoes. The shoes I got are amazing, I’ve never had such nice shoes before. It totally helped to have someone watch me run and find stabilizing shoes for me. I started up running again last week after a few weeks off and my knee feels great. Gunna try to get my milage back up to where it was with Sarah. We’re starting at 4 miles this weekend then will increase accordingly. I’m just glad my knee is better and I can get back running without any major issues. 🙂

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