Early morning jogs

The past three weeks I’ve been waking up extra early every Wednesday morning to go for a jog before work. I got the idea after reading a few articles regarding running in the morning: the first one was 12 simple hacks to finally become a morning runner which got my mind going, like maybe I could try this once. Another article I read was about successful people and the good habits they have, one of them being morning runners (ok it says morning exercise but I took that as morning runner). Basically between these two articles which I read both within the same week in September, I gradually came to the conclusion that maybe I should try to become a morning runner.

The first time I tried to go for a run, I set my alarm for 5:45am and got up right away after not sleeping much all night in anticipation for this dreaded run. I had already laid out all my clothes, so I grabbed what I needed, changed and went straight out the door. I was planning to run 2 miles but didn’t map my route out at all and it was dark out so I just ran around the neighborhood and only made it to 1.5 miles before stopping. I was so tired from waking up early that I ran slower than normal and found it difficult to go much further once I hit 1.5 miles. I came home, showered, and told myself I’d never get up early and run again.

Despite getting up early, I found myself having more energy the rest of the day and even the rest of the week. Needless to say, my long run with Sarah on Sunday Runday went better than previous ones since I actually ran during the week in addition to the long run. Sarah gave me some motivation and told me to continue running during the week, and since the only time I had to run was before work, I told her I would once again get up early on Wednesday and run. This time went way better, it was a complete 180 from the first run. I ran 2 miles easily, and despite not mapping out my run I found a new route which takes me two miles round trip without crossing any busy streets. The only issue was that I had to run past a small cemetery, and at 6AM it is still pretty much dark out so I was kinda spooked out. For the third run, I simply crossed the street and ran on the side of the street without the cemetery. I have been bringing a small flashlight with me, but since I run on the sidewalk and almost no one is out at 6AM I have yet to even run into any other person and usually only see a few cars on the road throughout my run. I was hoping to go further than 2 miles during the third run, but I snoozed an extra 7 minutes and didn’t have enough time to make it further than 2 miles.

I am hoping the next run goes better next Wednesday. I’m hoping to go at least 2.25 miles or maybe 2.5 if I have the time. Tomorrow I’m running 7 miles with Sarah in prep for the Hot Chocolate 15K which is November 9th. Next weekend we’re doing 8 miles, then the weekend after that is the 9.3 mile race. 🙂

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