Going to the gym hurdles

Finding the motivation to go to the gym alone can be hard. Up until recently, the weather has been horrid so any option to work out meant trudging to the gym to work out, and knowing me I would find any and all excuse to not go to the gym. While the gym is literally a mile away, I would find myself feeling too cold to drive there, or to even leave the warmth of my house. I found the only sure way of going to the gym would be to bring all my gear with me to work and go straight to the gym from work. But then I would just not bring my stuff, ever, and never go to the gym. Thankfully, the slightly warmer weather has gotten my butt back into gear and I have been working out a little more frequently. I have started what I call a mid-March madness kick in the butt and have begun on my journey towards being in better overall shape and health as well as becoming prepared for *drum roll* the next Kung Fu test. Dun dun dunnnnn…

Anyways, if you were around last year you may remember that I barely, by the hairs on my toes, passed my last test. And by barely passing, I mean to say that I was dead on the ground after that test, unsure how I was even able to complete it without literally dying of a heart attack. Needless to say, I nearly swore off kung fu tests for the rest of my life after that promotion (or pity passing if you ask me). I did a lot of soul-searching, and quite honestly had to admit to myself that I wasn’t good enough at kung fu to even be considered for the teacher’s program, let alone consider testing for the NEXT higher promotion. After speaking with a woman who did the same promotion twice, the second time being pregnant, and her cheering me on to go for the next promotion prior to destroying my life by having kids (she said it in nicer terms but I knew that’s what she meant) I decided to put my mind (and sluggish winter-fat body) towards this next promotion. But I also decided that passing by the hair of my toes would just not do.

I want to not only pass, but also be re-considered for the teacher’s program. Keep dreamin’ Jen… there’s no way you’ll ever be invited. Even so, I want to at least test and do well, not just barely passing. On this note, I am looking for motivation in any shape size or form. I have joined a Spring Into Fitness group hosted by a friend of mine on Facebook in order to obtain maximum motivation from my peers. I have also started to run outside, which is 100 times better than around a track inside a gym 39 times. Just saying.

What keeps you motivated to work out? Please share any and all tips and secrets here.

One thought on “Going to the gym hurdles

  1. For me, the workout itself has become the motivator: the tired and yet energized feeling I get, the relaxation it brings, the satisfied feeling of watching your body transform into something stronger, healthier and better-looking.

    Also, I would suggest finding a post-workout protein drink that you really like. I tend to look forward to drinking the good tasting ones.


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