Workout buddy need apply

It’s that time of year again… With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, the intensity and frequency of the exercises and workout sessions must increase. For the love of Turkey! And everything else that is so so worth it, you must #chasethebird, or workout everyday until Thanksgiving, so you don’t feel regret and extra chubby on what should be a joyous celebration of eating everything you want. (Pumpkin Pie included!)

On that note, I am seeking a workout buddy or two to motivate me through the next few months. I’m looking for someone to go to the gym with me a lift weights and/or do Yoga or Zumba classes with me. I currently have a running buddy who runs long distances on Sunday mornings with me, and my husband who goes to Kung Fu class with me during the week. But I am a member of LA Fitness and would like to take advantage of this membership. If you’re looking for a buddy to go to LA Fitness with you, let me know. I go to the Morton Grove facility and unfortunately can only go to this location. Hoping this location works for one of my friends who has time to workout with me, at least once a week. See the schedule below for the classes:

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