Climbing up while others are dragged down

I’m sure you’ve heard the news. How many black lives have been lost to police? How many lives in general have been lost to police? But this post isn’t about other races, it is about the very real and terrible racism that some people have. And when those some people are also police officers, murder happens. My heart has been breaking this past week. I can no longer sit here and think to myself “this is OK, everything will work out.” I no longer believe this is okay, and I highly doubt things will work out without major change.

We need to change things. Once I started feeling better over everything else going on in my life, the past week happened:

More than 60 people shot in Chicago over 4th of July weekend
Alton Sterling
Philando Castile
Police killed in Dallas

Needless to say, I found myself depressed all over again. And I wasn’t reading, listening, or watching the news. All of this was over social media: Facebook and Instagram.

I plan on writing congress and the House of Representatives. I want to do more than just sit by idly, more than just write letters. I’m using my blog as a starting point. What else can I do? What else can we all do? I’m looking to take action, not just write a blog post and have it fall on deaf ears.

Who can help me get heard? Who wants to take action with me? 

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