Gwen/Jen [This is Thirty series]

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I don’t fully remember when exactly I became obsessed with Gwen Stefani and when I started seeing her as one of my biggest role models in life, but I do know one thing. My obsession has only increased over the last year ever since I lost my mom. Last fall, her eye shadow palette came out through Urban Decay and that marked my newfound obsession with high end make up and skincare products. I’ve seen Gwen in concert five times, but this past August when I saw her with my friend Katie it was one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. Through the loss of my mom and Gwen not only surviving her crazy year of 2015 but now thriving after it, I feel closer to God than ever before. I feel like Gwen fuels me to be a better me every day.

I see her take everything thrown at her, and become better from it. Her soul-crushing divorce last year after her husband of 13 years cheated on her with the nanny. Her current struggle with not being able to have her kids every day (joint custody with the ex). Her constant struggle with the tabloids and how there’s always rumors involving her. The way she handles her fame and fortune. The fact that she attends church with her family every Sunday that she can. The fact that whatever she sets her mind to, she does. And she doesn’t just do it half-heartedly, she gives it her all and great things come from it. Her music is the foundation to her greatness: both the ability to write and the ability to sing. She also excels in fashion, style, make up, eye wear, clothing, shoes, accessories, acting, vocal coaching, perfume, and now a kid’s cartoon! Literally, there is nothing she can’t do. She also works out almost daily, eats well, and has an amazing body for a 46 year old (almost 47 on October 3rd).

Everyday I follow Gwen and the example she gives to me and her millions of fans. I know I’m not as talented as Gwen is in the areas she has excelled at, but I do know that in the areas I put my effort in that I have the capacity to be as excellent as she is. I always put my best effort forward on everything that I enjoy and have an interest in. I strive to be like Gwen. I strive to put my whole heart into every project and task that I wish to do in life. She provides daily inspiration and motivation for me and my life. I hope to be half as amazing as she is.

Lately there was this great article written about her (read it HERE). It’s about how she has bounced back after her crazy year.

“Everything was so unexpected last year — everything from my life changing, my personal life changing and being able to write a record,” Stefani said. The struggle before arriving at a new phase in life felt as if “I was kind of like Rocky at the top of the steps,” she said.

You go, girl! She is truly like Rocky at the top of the steps. And so am I.

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