Symptom and a cure

It’s only been a few days since I’ve moved but I already feel at home. My condo is a war zone, full of boxes and way too many things (downsizing is fun), but I’m going through all my stuff and getting rid of whatever doesn’t fit. Anyone want a rug?

These last few days I’ve been so happy to finally be in my own place, my new home, that I find it hard to remember the last several months of my life when I felt trapped in Niles, in a house way too big for me. Even with the animals, I felt like I was drowning in that house. It was a three bedroom two bathroom nightmare for a single fur-baby mom like me. So when I closed on my condo this past Monday, I was relieved to leave that monstrous house behind me and move into a more modest two bedroom condo.

Not just less to take care of, but also an ideal location for me and my life. I’m so close to the city: I walk three blocks to the train and the train ride is 20 min then I’m downtown. Or I could grab my car and be in the suburbs quickly. And I’m so close to my church and my people. There are still a good amount of people that need to move to Oak Park, but that’s a work in progress. 😉

While the animals are confused and still adjusting, Barley is enjoying the walks as opposed to the old yard. The sights and smells! Also, we have many dog neighbors! He will be making new friends this summer. 🙂

Couldn’t have imagined it going any better, and to say I’m happy is an understatement. I’m home. I’m where I belong. And here’s to new beginnings…


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