The price to pay

From the start
I was a part
Of a new family
It was a welcoming galaxy

Over time I grew
And became one of the few
Loyalty and respect came first
Into this world I became submersed

As my passion increased
I felt my fear released
But soon I realized there was a revolving door
And was left wondering what for?

Soon the cost went up
With little heads up
There was a price to pay
In order to stay

But not once did I question
The gradual and rewarding progression
Until the lead person back stabbed me
I was left alone to bleed

Forced into this world of fakes
My heart truly aches
You’ve created a world of mistrust
And all I feel is disgust

At the end of the day
All you care about is getting paid
I hope you’re happy
With your new level of trashy

I was an apprentice learning as much as I could. Now I will learn somewhere else.


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