What’s in a birthday?

Today is my birthday. Yay? I was born on Bastille day, I’m a cancer, and my stone color is ruby. Ruby red crab. Also a tiger. Tigercrab:


Does anyone else find it weird to celebrate your day of birth? Like yay I was born, I did absolutely nothing so celebrate me. If anything, my mom should be celebrated for doing all the real work: pregnancy, labor, giving birth, and the hardest part: raising me. Not that I was a difficult child to raise or anything, but I’m sure I wasn’t easy.

I’m extremely stubborn, and when younger I was extremely quiet and shy. Like the crab, I put up a hard exterior and protect my soft insides from others. From far away, I seemed innocent and kind. My mom would get frustrated at me since I wouldn’t tell her my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I would just cry, or just be extremely mad, but I wouldn’t tell anyone why.

Since my mom is no longer around to celebrate, I have decided to keep my birthday low-key. She isn’t here to be lifted up in glory of raising what I think to be a wonderful Jen (that’s me). My friends have been trying to get me to throw a party or go out for my birthday, but I already made plans to see Aladdin tonight and just hang out/chill with friends and family the rest of the weekend. Sorry not sorry. Ideally, I would be like a crab and hide in a cave by the sea until the storm passes. But I have tailored my weekend to my liking.

Do you celebrate your birthday? Why? What did you do to deserve a celebration? Or am I just weird? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

In lieu of a birthday gift, please donate to my fundraiser to bring clean water to those who need it in Africa by clicking HERE. Thank you!



4 thoughts on “What’s in a birthday?

  1. I already wrote a small epic novel, but my phone froze up and it was lost. So here’s the shorter less epic version. I dont think that only accomplishments are worthy of celebration. Sometimes new beginnings and things that you are thankful for can be joyous. As a Christian woman you can’t deny that life and living in God’s creation and experiencing all of the physical, emotional, and psychological facets of being a part of that creation isn’t the most amazing of all that is amazing. You didn’t do anything? On July 14th 31 years ago, you breathed your 1st breath of life. That is fucking DEEP! Not only did that 1st breath bring joy and hope to all that were anticipating your arrival, but it started your souls journey to know, see, feel, think, love. This is to be celebrated. I celebrate knowing you. I celebrate watching you learn and love. I celebrate everything I’ve laughed at with you. I celebrate everything you did to make me cry. I celebrate all of the life lessons I’ve learned by knowing you. You don’t have to party and get attention but you should also not just discard the significance of this day. How do i celebrate? Usually alone. I like to reflect on all the lives I’ve lived while here, i try to enjoy nature because this planet is dope as fuck, and i like to enjoy things that stimulate my senses (touch=massage, taste=food i love, and so on) Happy Birthday Jen. I think that if you are gonna rock out “self evolve” you need to remember that there is more to it than just the physical, or conquering goals aspects. See? U did it again. Your blog got me fired up to write this and suddenly the depression i was wallowing in is seaming a lot less heavy. It’s dumb actually. So thank u for that. Also unrelated, that picture of you and your mom reminded me of the story u told me about the day that photo was taken. Yes yes yes this day is to be celebrated. Your fucking souls journey, man. Incredible!

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  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday. We are all here for a reason, we don’t always need to know what that reason is, but trust that there is a reason. Maybe you’re here to do or say something that will help another, and not even be aware of when or how you did it. Trust that things are as they should be, we are all on a journey and only ever see a tiny piece of the big picture. Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

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    • Thank you! You’re right, I didn’t mean to make this sound negative. I suppose I just find it silly sometimes that we celebrate our birthdays. But life is a precious gift and we are all on our own journey. 🙂

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