Aid for Women

I’m actually working on a bigger, longer and more helpful post about resources for soon to be single Moms but I just had to write this first.

Aid for Women was there for me before anyone even knew I was having (and keeping) a baby. Don’t get me wrong, I told the Baby Daddy and a close friend after I took four positive pregnancy tests. But neither of these guys could say much more than “Are you keeping it?” I felt cornered, and needed to find a place that would be on my side but also help me know all my options. Also, I had just started a self-employment gig and was still waiting to get onto Obamacare for health insurance. Without insurance or a plan, I started a search on google for resources.

That’s how I came across Aid for Women. Conveniently located in Cicero (with other locations in Chicago and Des Plaines), a mere 12 minute drive from me, I scheduled for the earliest available appointment I could get. A free pregnancy test and a free ultrasound later, I was definitely, absolutely pregnant. And I was definitely, absolutely keeping the baby. I was happy to be at the Aid for Women clinic. They weren’t there to convince me to get an abortion or to keep the baby. They went over all my options and even offered me additional educational resources.

But the best part was they were as excited as I was. Despite the circumstances, the women working there were so warm and happy for me. And beyond just the initial pregnancy test and ultrasound, they offer a program called Earn while you Learn. Basically, you can go once a week to watch a short video about 20-40 minutes long and fill out a worksheet based on the video. All the videos are educational in regards to pregnancy, birth, and raising a baby. And the best part is that every time you go and watch a video, you earn points. The points add up, and you can redeem them for baby supplies. If you earn enough points (15 visits worth) you can get a stroller or a crib. All for going and learning about pregnancy and babies.

They even threw a cute Christmas party with Santa and games for the kids. In addition to free food, they gave out gifts which included a Target gift card. I spent all of the generous gift card on baby clothes. Once I saw the superhero themed little baby clothes, I couldn’t help myself.

What resources have you used while pregnant and preparing for your baby?

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