January blog challenge

I signed up a day late, but making up for it by combining yesterday’s and today’s blog posts. This January 2019, I’m taking a part of a daily blog challenge. Every day I’ll be given a prompt that I’ll have to write about on that day. This is the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and to be honest it’s been years since I’ve written every day. Let alone for a month straight! This will be interesting..

I also wanted to share with you a little bit about my history. I’ve almost always been a writer. I’ve had some sort of journal or diary since as early as elementary school, although my first writings were pretty primitive. Over time, I’ve developed a voice and passion for a variety of subjects ranging from love, fitness, education, science, and faith/spirituality. My niche isn’t well-defined on this blog, since I’ve written stories about myself, trending stories, and even poetry. I really just go with the flow, and to be honest I see the most views when I’m vulnerable. What does that mean? That means I get to share my scariest and sometimes saddest stories, and you all love to read them.

What I love about blogging and writing is that I get to face my fears, and I get to help others face theirs. I have told a half-joke before that my life is a lot like a soap opera. So much drama, and unreal situations, that should one tune in they would laugh, cry and possibly become addicted for more. I hope you all enjoy my daily posts over the next 30 days. And let me know if there’s anything you’d like to read about.

2 thoughts on “January blog challenge

  1. Hi, glad you made it. Undefined niche. That sounds familiar. Now I have a niche, I’m just now sure what all it needs. I think you made a great observation, people like it when we are most vulnerable. Not that they want to see the dirty laundry, so to speak, but it makes them feel less alone.

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