Anything but Ordinary


You’re everywhere I look
No matter how hard I try
You have me hooked
A new kind of high

I’ve been deep in denial
But I’m a bad liar
Good thing I’m not on trial
My pants would catch on fire

I’m anything but ordinary
Not the easiest to catch
My past has made me wary
Even harder to become attached

There couldn’t be a more beautiful you
You have your own scars
But you couldn’t be more true
I could stay right where we are

But we push each other forward
Further than I ever thought I’d go
Becoming life explorers
Continuing to grow

Not your traditional poem, this one was made from the songs in my head.

The price to pay

From the start
I was a part
Of a new family
It was a welcoming galaxy

Over time I grew
And became one of the few
Loyalty and respect came first
Into this world I became submersed

As my passion increased
I felt my fear released
But soon I realized there was a revolving door
And was left wondering what for?

Soon the cost went up
With little heads up
There was a price to pay
In order to stay

But not once did I question
The gradual and rewarding progression
Until the lead person back stabbed me
I was left alone to bleed

Forced into this world of fakes
My heart truly aches
You’ve created a world of mistrust
And all I feel is disgust

At the end of the day
All you care about is getting paid
I hope you’re happy
With your new level of trashy

I was an apprentice learning as much as I could. Now I will learn somewhere else.


Running away

My feet hit the pavement
And I’m set free
All day I’ve been craving
The ability to flee

Up up and away
I fly for miles
Slowly losing my way
I can’t help but smile

Lost in my own world
Listening to the birds sing
Everything becomes a whirl
On this beautiful day of Spring

In the sun I glisten
My mind becomes quiet
And my ears begin to listen
My body goes on autopilot

The wind takes my heart
And I begin to take flight
All I see is art
I’m full of delight

Running sets me aglow
Sweat pouring from me
Even when I’m slow
I couldn’t be more carefree

I chuckle as I think
How I used to hate running
It was my missing link
To become truly stunning


Sense of Humor


God’s plan isn’t our plan
It’s beyond our lifespan
He has a great sense of humor
And He is life’s greatest tutor

What we think we want
Could actually be just a taunt
But when we trust God
His plan is not flawed

We try to fit our life into our minds
But we just create our own binds
If only we let go
Then we can grow

With God we become capable
And our lives turn satiable
We arise and our dreams turn true
Within Him we are renewed

Isn’t it funny how we feel like our lives unravel
When in reality God is in control

Love of Self

You are the most beautiful you
This couldn’t be more true
The best love is self love
Released from your past like a dove

Don’t let anyone else determine your worth
You’re an integral part of this planet Earth
At the end of the day
There’s only you to make way

There’s strength in being alone
Experiences help sharpen you like whetstone
You may feel like you’re barely surviving
But over time you’ll find yourself thriving

What you’re going through may seem tough
Keep in mind you’re more than good enough
Your inner beauty is what truly shows
So let it bloom like a beautiful rose

And while you may have imagined a red rose, a purple rose is what I meant: royalty, success & refinement


City lights


I got lost in your eyes
Through them I see the blue sky
Chicago was my first love
Yet somehow you’ve risen above

I’ve never seen the city lights
Quite like this before
They’re a wonderful sight
Here on this beautiful lake shore

Despite this wintry cold
I feel we’re in Jesus’ stronghold
He lets His love unfold
All over us, surrounded by gold

God has us in His loving hands
He is guiding us through His plans
The goodness He has in store
Brings peace and joy to my core

You far exceed my expectations

The nurse will see you now


I was trying to do this right
And joined a Christian dating site
First day, you sent me a message
It almost felt like a blessing

Right away, you were a cute boy
Over time, I learned so much more
Not only were you gainfully employed
There’s depth to your core

The nurse will see you now
All I can say is wow
In addition to being a stunning speciman
You’re also extremely genuine

I was looking for a church buddy
I didn’t expect to get so lucky
I look forward to learning you
Even after it’s no longer new

Peas in a pod

There are very few who know the true me
I’m rarely open and free
It’s very different with these few
I could tell right away they were true

When I met my best friends
It was like seeing through clear lens
They built me up higher
Within me started a wildfire

Like peas in a pod
We formed a squad
Aliens on a spaceship
Together we were on a trip

They help me get through the day
When we’re together we always play
Without them I wouldn’t know what to do
All I can say to them is thank you

You had me at bonjour


I was swiping left over and over
When you popped up I almost flipped over
No words but a smile that killed
When we matched I was thrilled

I sent you a silly message
And your reply was less than impressive
But we continued to text over a few days
Soon I found myself falling into a daze

We met on a cold winter night
When you smiled, my heart took flight
You had me at bonjour
You gave off a wonderful allure

This is only the beginning
But I’m already grinning
I want to know all about you, boy
You fill me with a new found joy

Series of Lessons


Life is a series of lessons
Each one answering certain questions
As long as you keep yearning
You will continue learning

Everyday we face many trials
It may seem like they go on for miles
But at the end of the day
You will definitely make way

These lessons will make you smarter
And a little harder
You’ll feel pain no longer
And grow to be stronger

At first, you may feel like you’re guessing
But over time, it will be a blessing
Right now you may feel unsure
After all is done, you’ll be more mature

Sometimes the lesson is simple
No matter the type, they usually start a ripple