The power of positive thinking

A happy mind = a happy life. Joy is eternal, but happiness is fleeing. Happiness is a choice you have to make. You choose to either be happy or not. Only you can make the choice to see things positively or negatively, or maybe somewhere in-between. While it’s ultimately up to us, we don’t have to make the journey to happiness alone.


It’s a great idea to seek outside of ourselves for sources of joy. I.e. faith, spirituality, or close friends and family. The only thing about seeking happiness from other people is that we are all human and we all make mistakes. We will always let each other down, especially if you try to find all your happiness in your significant other or spouse. This is a bad idea, as one day your partner may disappoint you. Then what? You’re no longer happy, and you feel like they aren’t happy either. Rather than depending on someone else for your happiness, find happiness in yourself. Love yourself first, then and only then can you love others. And true love doesn’t depend on happiness.

There will be days when you’re sad or angry. But that doesn’t mean you have to see everything in a negative light for the rest of time. As long as you continue to work towards having a positive mindset, all else will follow suit. It’s crazy the things that can happen once you change your outlook. Happiness can ooze from you with the right mindset.


Is the glass half empty or half full? How far will you go with a negative mindset? Will you miss out on something in the sky when looking down?


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