So about that boy…

Just when I wasn’t looking, and wasn’t even sure I was ready to date, a boy showed up in my life. But first, some background.

I started this year out with a bang. I went out for new year’s eve, got drunk, and made out with a stranger. I ended up giving that stranger my number and leaving before getting into too much trouble. Stranger texted me the next day and I somehow (?) remembered his name. We met for lunch and actually hit it off. He wasn’t creepy, and was actually kinda cute. Also, interesting. He asked me to a 2nd date (or meeting) and at first I wasn’t sure, but a few hours later texted him in agreement. We met up that 2nd time, and I thought it went well but apparently he didn’t agree. I texted him in regards to a 3rd date, and at first he seemed to be interested, but over that week he stopped texting me. I texted him to confirm our plans and he acted flaky, and then finally cancelled our plans the day of. I never responded after that.

After that, I was glad to be rid of someone who couldn’t be honest with me. And I decided to take a 3 week break from social media. What didn’t count as social media? Dating apps. I discovered Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, and eventually a free Christian dating app. Through Bumble, I met guy #2 for the year. He was very attractive and we instantly had great chemistry. He had an interesting allure to him but kept most of his life a secret from me. I respected that, and didn’t pry into his life. Over time, he did open up a little bit to me, and I discovered that he wasn’t looking for anything serious. But neither was I, or so I thought. I decided to just date him and see where things went. Until I met the third guy.

Guy #3 messaged me over that Christian app I mentioned. Of course, at first, I was weary. There are a lot of people out there who say they’re Christian but really aren’t (they are just looking to get in my pants like any other guy). But I gave him a shot and we talked on the phone. The first phone call was weird. We connected instantly and it felt like I had talked to this guy before. We talked again the next day, and against all better judgment I re-arranged my schedule to meet him right before my trip to South Carolina. I didn’t want to wait a week to meet him, even though this meant I met both guys within a week of each other.

When I met this guy, it just confirmed what I felt on the phone. We connected so well, and the nervous butterflies were fleeing. We talked the entire evening, and I left with a smile on my face. But also torn, since I liked two guys but for totally different reasons. This new guy was beyond anyone I imagined meeting. I had almost given up on the idea of actually meeting my Mr. Right. Even though I had been praying to God about it, I was worn out after going through the divorce (which was still going on) and having my heart crushed after loving someone for so long who destroyed my trust. Guy #3 turned my world upside down. And then I left for South Carolina.

While away, I tried my best to get rid of guy #2, but his charm kept me interested. And I was distracted by the training, the people, and the fun I had in South Carolina to really focus on the fact that I was texting two guys in Chicago who were crazy for me. I also (not so secretly) really enjoyed the attention. It was like I was finally released from my tower that I was trapped in for years. I came back to Chicago on a Friday night, went on a date with guy #2 Friday then guy #3 Saturday. On Sunday morning, guy #3 came to my church with me. He far exceeded my expectations when he purposefully went over to my pastor and talked to him. They instantly connected and it was amazing to witness that.

That was when I knew. I called up guy #2 on Sunday afternoon and dumped him. I couldn’t continue on dating both (and had been honest with both that I was dating another). The break up went well and the guy was happy for me that I found what I was looking for. I also decided that I wanted guy #3 to be my boyfriend. Which is crazy, I’ve never wanted to go this fast before ever, with any other guy I’ve ever dated.

But Grey isn’t like any other guy I’ve ever dated. He likely is an alien from another galaxy, I think maybe the same galaxy where Gwen Stefani is from. He has met all my deal breakers, and has gone above and beyond my expectations. He’s mature, honest, smart, handsome, funny, and a really great listener. His stories amaze me, and he keeps me interested. When we’re together, we lose track of time in the best way possible. We’re like two peas in a pod, and I look forward to getting to know him better over time.

In addition to being an amazing person, he also is a gentleman: opens doors for me, gives me flowers, and writes some of the sweetest things I’ve ever read. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a sweet guy, but I know I’m not letting go of this one. 🙂



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