What should I register for?

As a new mom, everything is so exciting for me. But oftentimes, I find myself overwhelmed. Between the hospital bills piling up and the scale only increasing every week, it’s hard to remain calm in the middle of the baby storm. I also pretend to know everything I can about babies by reading every article and book I can get my hands on (thanks Oak Park Library!). I absolutely adore reading and learning as much as I can. And I absolutely can’t wait to meet my baby girl.

But in reality, I know nothing. Just like Jon Snow. So, I turn to you, my amazing readers, for help.

What should I register for? Obviously, I got the big stuff on the list: a crib, a stroller, a playard, and a changing table. Also diapers and tons of them! But what am I missing? What items have been necessary or life-saving when raising a baby? And what’s the best place to get them?

I’m currently registered on Amazon and at Target. Check out my lists and let me know what else I should add! Thank you!

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