Red Sash Training…

Even though I received my red sash test sheet in February, I didn’t really start training until recently due to finishing up school (finally) and having a 2nd job for a few weeks. I am now in between 2nd jobs (starting at the end of May) so I have decided to train for my red test during the month of May with the goal of taking my test on June 6th. (OK so maybe Sifu assigned me that date and now I have to aim for it). So far, the training is going horribly. This past Monday I ran through the test with one of the instructors, but this time he made me do 40 of each kick. I found out the hard way that doing 40 of each kick makes me hyperventilate and nauseous. After those, I did all my forms, all the push-ups, 2 minute low horse stance, contact cling with tension, and punched the bag 150 times each fist. I was able to do it, for the most part, but felt like dying needless to say. The next day (Tuesday) I went back for more. I did both classes as Vince taught and therefore I ended up doing the kicks (30 of each) and my forms twice. We also did fun things like horse stance, leg raises, and other stances. I felt better during the second set of kicks oddly enough, I finally somewhat did the broom sweeps correctly for the first time. Today I went to the gym where I ran a mile, did all my forms, and attempted to do 40 of each kick (tornadoes I only did 30 of). It wasn’t great, I also almost hyperventilated during the kicks, but afterwards I did all my push-ups and some pull-ups with weight assistance. I figure if I just keep trying, every or almost everyday, I will eventually get used to the level of endurance, cardio and pain required for this test.

Also, I am running the Glo Run 5K this Saturday evening for fun. In no way does this running event have anything to do with my training since I plan on attending Kung Fu that day at noon. I don’t know why I do this to myself, but one day I may understand if I ever become a black belt. Red sash is half-way there, only 4 more tests after this one. (“Only”)  🙂

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