Happy July

Happy July! This month is one of my favorite. It’s the month of not only my birthday, but also one of my very good friend’s birthday (shout out to Joyce). This year I turn 30, and a few months ago my dad offered to throw me a big birthday party at his house. At the time, I was relieved since that meant I didn’t have to throw myself the party, aka plan it and pull off a feat in our cute modest Niles home. 🙂

As the months have gone by, I have gone from excited to dreading this party. More recently, I’ve come to terms with everything and after talking to my mom’s family, I am once again excited about my party. The main reason I had trouble was due to my dad and his new life. But thankfully, through talking with multiple friends, family members, and my therapist, I am finally feeling better about everything.

With everything coming together, July is going to be a great month. I’m also preparing myself for my upcoming Kung Fu test in August. This will be for the 5th sash (out of 8 total, the 8th being the black belt). I’m about a year overdue for this test, but the past year has been a roller coaster for me. So for me, I’m right on time.

I look forward to pushing myself to the max in preparation for this test. I get to do a few forms, a few weapons forms, some applications, a two man set, Chinese push ups, a horse stance, the front splits, and break some boards. It’ll be a hard test, and I will try my best at it. If I fail, then I’ll just try, try again. It helps me to not focus on the sadness and anger that I find when I’m alone sometimes. I much prefer to focus on the positive and the light in my life.

In addition to kung fu, I’m also starting a internship at a local gym so that I can finish and receive my personal training certificate. I also look forward to this opportunity and seeing where it takes me in life.

What goals and dreams do you have? What are you working towards? Where do you wish to be?

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